Our Programs

Our HeroKids program emphasizes grappling, a form of combat that uses locks, chokes, and holds rather than striking. The curriculum focuses on controlling an opponent, transitions, and positional sparring with other students. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was designed to allow smaller people defend themselves without strength or size. It is the most effective self defense known at this time. The techniques the students will learn are explained and repeated in ways that will help younger students remember them more easily. The concepts of perseverance (steadfastness and persistence; not giving up in spite of difficulty), respect (regard and consideration for others), courtesy (acts and behavior that demonstrate respect, manners, and consideration), and self- control (exercising restraint over one’s actions and impulses) are at the core of the program.
Our guidelines designed to help your child learn and grow in a safe, positive, and fun environment where the emphasis is on the development of good character, self-esteem and physical fitness. 
Tiny Ninjas
Designed for little Ninjas ages 3 to 10 years old, this class focuses on the fundamental movements of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our  BJJ based games help to develop balance, coordination, motor control, as well as learning to follow directions. The lessons are taught at a scaled pace, building confidence in each tiny ninja as they grasp basic concepts all the while having fun!
Adults Jiu Jitsu
At the Hero Academy we have created an adult BJJ class tailored to both men and women of all ages, and all levels. Our program includes fundamentals where students will develop the physical and mental skills needed to perform techniques, and advanced technique where students will be challenged to use what they have experienced and learned about Brazilian jiujitsu. We are a professor Tom DeBlass affiliate  and receive instruction from him. In addition we have different camps all year long with some of the  top BJJ players in the world which our members are able to attend the camps!
Your Child’s First BJJ Class
A typical class starts with warm-up exercises, stretches, and drills. Once everyone is warmed up, the instructor demonstrates the technique. After showing different angles and answer any questions, the students are paired off to practice the technique while the instructor walks the mats and help those needing individual attention. After everyone has an understanding of the first technique, a second technique may be shown. Towards the end of the class, there may be specific training or live sparring. Specific training starts at a particular position, with different goals for both students, or trying to apply the technique learn to a live partner. Live sparring is when you can incorporate all of the techniques that you may have learned and try to apply them to a live partner.

BJJ Kids Belt Ranking System

We use the IBJJF's ranking guidelines for belt structure. Belts are earned, not given. Children are consistently rewarded for progression and effort.